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North America Championship

April 27


My latest video explains – in portuguese – what is Zwift: how it works, the best setup and my personal experience


Dealing with Frustration

As athletes we all establish goals, which for most translate into results on any given race. From amateurs to professionals, we all have those goals in mind when we train, when we have to get up early, when we go out the door even if we don’t feel like, always...

Update on Life. Life in Dubai

It’s now been 7 months since I first arrived in Dubai with intentions of establishing myself in the Middle East. With the exception of a few weeks of traveling to London to see my wife, I have spent most of my time in Dubai, so it's probably a good time for an update...

IRONMAN Maastricht-Limburg

Note to self: never try 3 Ironman races in a month… oh wait, look! There’s another one next week! On a more serious note, I did set up the bar high with this adventure with 2 of them being only one week apart. But I really can’t say no to an epic challenge. It never...

Training in the Heat

Having lived in Phoenix, Arizona, for the past three years and recently being in the Middle East, I have had my fair share of training/living in the heat. And while we all are affected by the heat differently, there is some information I’ve gathered that could help...

IM Brasil + IM Cairns report

To say that I went around the globe in 2 weeks wouldn't be an understatement. From Florianopolis, Brasil, to Cairns, Australia and back to Dubai, I feel like I've lost 4 days of life going back and forth on time zones and spending more time in airplanes than the...


Connect with Pedro Gomes

As a professional athlete, Pedro has developed a warm and friendly personality and is always available to get back to his community, sponsors and friends. Feel free to get in touch!