Made in Portugal, training and racing worldwide on the Ironman circuit, chasing the ultimate goal of shinning at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.









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The Coast Ride: the inside look

The Coast Ride: the inside look

For those familiar with this (informal) event, you may skip this first paragraph. To others, The Coast Ride is a gathering of cyclists in North California - who later become best buddies - which takes place every year around the third week of January and challenges...

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Top 10 at IRONMAN Florida 2019 with 8h11

Top 10 at IRONMAN Florida 2019 with 8h11

This past Saturday I raced and finished IRONMAN Florida with a time of 8h11 scoring another Top 10. If there's one certainty about Ironman racing nowadays is that every single event with a professional field will attract a huge amount of talent and incredible...

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15 years of success

For the past 15 years Pedro Gomes has been chasing the dream that fuels his life: becoming the best triathlete he can be. After switching to IRONMAN racing and while Triathlon is not a huge sport in Portugal, he has been chasing the sun and the best locations to train, race and life.

Pedro Gomes has been a solid contender at any race in World for the past decade and a driving force inspiring others to pursuit their dreams and goals in Triathlon.

With the loving support of his wife, they have been on the road for the past 4 years, having lived in Arizona, London and Dubai, and always competing at the highest level in his sport of choice.

What’s going on in 2020?

April 2020: St George 3-day camp 

If you are racing IM St George, you can not miss out on this unique opportunity to drive up to Utah and explore the roads and paths you will be cycling and running comes May 2nd. We will aim to have this camp after Oceanside 70.3

More info to be shared soon!

August 2020: Camp Flag 2020

Summer triathlon camp in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona, between August 10 and August 15th, 2019. Enjoy 5 very full days of training in nice and cooler temperatures taking advantage of the elevation, group environment and SAG, all while exploring some of the best and most epic rides in Arizona.

More info to be shared soon!

SWIMMING SESSIONS at McDowell Mountain Aquatic Center (North Scottsdale, AZ) – Join myself and other Tri Scottsdale members every Tuesday and Thursday for a triathlon specific swim set in at McDowell Mountain Aquatic Center in North Scottsdale.  Main set will range between 1500 and 2300 yards. We meet on deck at 6:25pm, session runs until 7:30pm. All levels welcome, must be 21 or older.

CYCLING SESSIONS in Scottsdale – Every month, join myself and other Cervelo riders for a ride out of Moxie Multisport in Central Scottsdale (shop located on Hayden Rd and E Thomas Rd. All levels welcome, all bikes welcome. Please check my Facebook page for the latest dates and events.  

1st @ Cactusman Olympic Triathlon, Tempe, AZ, USA.

10th @  IRONMAN Texas – North America Championship, TX. USA.

8th @  IRONMAN Boulder, CO. USA

1st @ Mountain Man Olympic Triathlon, Flagstaff, AZ, USA.

8th @ IRONMAN Lake Placid, NY, USA.

10th @ IRONMAN Florida, FL, USA (8h11)


Fun fact: IRONMAN Pro winner

Did you know Pedro is the only Portuguese athlete to date to have won an official full distance IRONMAN?

It was in 2013 in Kalmar, Sweden, where he surpassed all competition and managed to win the race in 08 hours and 19 minutes. The world circuit at the professional level is composed of 21 races worldwide and only a few selected man and woman in the World can claim such a feature.

Fun Fact: loss of hearing

In 2014 Pedro loss 80% of his hearing capacity over night. All happened when one day he woke up and couldn’t hear from one side and since this is frequent in triathletes/swimmers just because water sometimes gets ‘stuck’ inside the ear, he didn’t gave it much importance at first. It was not until many weeks later that he saw a specialist who, after a batery of tests, told him that his ear drum was fine but the right hearing cells died for an unknown cause.

He has since lived with this limitation and while it doesn’t affect his balance, it does affect his dialogue on the bike when someone is riding on his right. He actually can’t hear you with all the wind noise!


Connect with Pedro Gomes

As a professional athlete, Pedro has developed a warm and friendly personality and is always available to get back to his community, sponsors and friends. Feel free to get in touch!