Made in Portugal, training and racing worldwide in the Ironman circuit, winner of Ironman Sweden and Challenge Vitoria-Gasteiz, Endurance Coach with the PG Squad.









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IRONMAN Florida 2020 – Pedro Gomes 7th in 8h13

IRONMAN Florida 2020 – Pedro Gomes 7th in 8h13

The year is 2020. The world is in the midst of a pandemic. Covid19 has been the cause of a yearlong of races and events cancelations. But it is now November and Ironman Florida, in sunny Panama City Beach, is a go! First full distance Ironman in the U.S. this year and...

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For the past 15 years Pedro Gomes has been chasing the dream that fuels his life: becoming the best triathlete he can be.

As part of his legacy in the sport, Pedro vision was to create a core training group, based in Phoenix, AZ, of like minded athletes trying to purse extraordinary goals. While the triathlon community in Arizona is extraordinary, there wasn’t really a training group of long distance triathletes that is willing to do the sacrifies, endure the training, tackle extraordinary (hard) challenges and, above all, have great fun doing it. The PG Tri Squad was born to achieve that goal: deliver an unparalelled guidance and training enviroment for athletes that want to be the best they can be.  

What’s going on in 2024?

Personal Training and Mentorship really picked up

For the past few years endurance coaching and mentorship programs in triathlon have really picked up. I’m very happy with the core training squad I’ve created in Phoenix, AZ, gathering triathletes from all abilities that learn from each other and create an unique bound while enduring some really challenging weekends and training camps. 

The squad still has members across the Globe but as of 2023 the bulk of athletes is local which bring recurring opportunities for group training and unique camaraderie.

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  • Black Canyon 100K Ultra Marathon (Feb 11)
  • BWR Scottsdale (March)
  • Crown King 50K
  • Boston Marathon (April)
  • Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival (June)
  • Mountain Man 70.4 (July and August)
  • Ultra-Trail Mount Blanc CCC (August)




Fun fact: IRONMAN Pro winner

Did you know Pedro is the only Portuguese athlete to date to have won an official full distance IRONMAN?

It was in 2013 in Kalmar, Sweden, where he surpassed all competition and managed to win the race in 08 hours and 19 minutes. The world circuit at the professional level is composed of 21 races worldwide and only a few selected man and woman in the World can claim such a feature.

Fun Fact: loss of hearing

In 2014 Pedro loss 80% of his hearing capacity over night. All happened when one day he woke up and couldn’t hear from one side and since this is frequent in triathletes/swimmers just because water sometimes gets ‘stuck’ inside the ear, he didn’t gave it much importance at first. It was not until many weeks later that he saw a specialist who, after a batery of tests, told him that his ear drum was fine but the right hearing cells died for an unknown cause.

He has since lived with this limitation and while it doesn’t affect his balance, it does affect his dialogue on the bike when someone is riding on his right. He actually can’t hear you with all the wind noise!


Connect with Pedro Gomes

As a professional athlete, Pedro has developed a warm and friendly personality and is always available to get back to his community, sponsors and friends. Feel free to get in touch!