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Since its birth in Kona in the ‘90s, Vision has been synonymous with a no-expense spared assault on wind resistance. Recent years have seen the innovative application of carbon fiber and the creation of dream-like shapes to enhance performance. Vision is the brand to beat, leading the way in time trials and triathlon by creating slippery-fast aero products with proper fit adjustment that allow the rider to push their limits in race conditions. Vision continually refine, test and innovate in the quest for speed, with industry-leading products throughout the range.
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SecondarySponsor_ON Lightweight running shoes – www.on-running.com
High performance sunglasses and helmets – www.e-rudy.com
Compression socks and clothing – www.compressportusa.com
Riding the PR6 super-bike from QR – www.quintanarootri.com
SecondarySponsor_Polar Top quality heart rate monitors – www.polar.com