• 1st (04h04’00) | TOUHGMAN Arizona | Lake Havasu, AZ
  • 3rd (45.85 Km)| WINGS FOR LIFE World Run, Dubai | Dubai, UAE
  • 3rd (08h34’17)| VITORIA-GASTEIZ Triatlon (full distance) | Vitoria-Gasteiz, SPA
  • 8th (09h25’24)| IRONMAN UK | Bolton, UK
  • 1st (03h05’47)| LONDON TRIATHLON Olympic Plus | London, UK
  • 6th (08h49’50)| IRONMAN Maastricht-Limburg | Maastricht, NLD
  • 3rd (03h05’00)| DIT Dubai International Triathlon | Dubai, UAE
  • 6th (08h33’50)| IRONMAN Argentina | Mar del Plata, ARG


  • 1st place (01h46’30) | TEMPE International Triathlon, Olympic | Tempe, AZ
  • 5th place (08h16’42)  | IRONMAN Brazil – South American Championship | Florianopolis, BR
  • 2nd place (08h27’31) | IRONMAN Canada | Whistler, BC, Canada
  • 1st place (02h09’12)| TRICALIFORNIA San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz | San Francisco, CA
  • 1st place (01h59’40) | LIFETIME Tempe Tri, International | Tempe, AZ
  • 6th place (08h11’15)| IRONMAN Arizona | Tempe, AZ


  • 1st place (01h56’57) | LIFETIME Marquee Tri | Tempe, AZ
  • 5th place (08h26’42) | IRONMAN North American Championship | The Woodlands, TX
  • 1st place (04h18’50) | TRISPORTS.COM Deuces Wild Triathlon | Show Low, AZ
  • 7th place (08h52’00) | IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene | CDA, ID
  • 1st place (04h09’00) | MOUNTAINMAN Half-Ironman | Flagstaff, AZ (Course Record)
  • 18th place (08h46’00) | IRONMAN Hawaii, World Championship | Kona, HI


  • 3rd place  (08h36’56) | IRONMAN Wisconsin | Madison, WI
  • 2nd place (1h58’50) | LIFETIME Tempe Triathlon | Tempe, AZ
  • 1st place (4h04’59) | LIFETIME SOMA Half-Ironman | Tempe, AZ
  • 5th place (7h29’45)  | IRONMAN Florida | Panama City, FL

IRONMAN highlights

  • WINNER | IRONMAN KALMAR 2013 – 8h19m30s
  • WINNER | CHALLENGE VITORIA 2013 – 8h38m36s
  • SILVER | IRONMAN Florida 2010 – 8h19m26s
  • SILVER | IRONMAN Canada 2016 – 8h27m31s
  • BRONZE | IRONMAN Austria 2012 – 8h26m31s
  • BRONZE | IRONMAN Wisconsin 2014 – 8h36m56s
  • 4th | REV3 Cedar Point 2011 – 8h46m14s
  • 5th | IRONMAN North American Championship 2015 – 08h26m42
  • 5th | IRONMAN Arizona 2013 – 08h11m40
  • 5th | IRONMAN Florida 2013 – 08h08m34
  • 6th | CHALLENGE Barcelona 2010 – 8h25m52* (IM debut)
  • 8th | IRONMAN New York 2012 – 8h38mXXs
  • 12th | IRONMAN Frankfurt 2013 – 8h22m28s

Professional International Wins

Ironman Sweden, Full Ironman 2013 (Sweden) Challenge Vitoria, Full Ironman, 2013 (Spain) Mercuryman Half-Ironman, 2013 (Cayman Islands) Florida Half-Ironman Challenge, 2013 (USA) I CAN Marbella, Half-Ironman, 2012 (Spain) Lisboa International Triathlon, Half-Ironman 2010 (Portugal) Triatlon Titan, Half-Ironman, Sierra de Cadiz 2010 (Spain) Triatlon de Guadalajara, Half-Ironman, ‘08, ’10, ‘11 (Spain) Triatlon de Sanabria, Half-Ironman, Sanabria 2010 (Spain) SOMA Half-Ironman, Half-Ironman, 2014 (USA) Mountain Man Flagstaff, Half-Ironman 2015(USA) Deuces Wild Triathlon, Half-Ironman 2015 (USA) Lifetime Marquee Triathlon, Olympic distance, 2015 (USA) San Francisco Triathlon, Olympic distance, 2016 (USA) Lifetime Tempe Tri , International distance, 2016 (USA) Tempe International Triathlon, Olympic Distance, 2016 (USA)


Travel pinpoints

Races where you will find me and you should be doing in 2015

  • Triatlon Vitoria-Gasteiz

    Triatlon Vitoria-Gasteiz

    Vitoria-Gasteiz is the heart of the Basque Country in Spain and is an unique experience for all of those looking for a taste of what it is like to race in Europe. Scenic routes, warming crowd, Vitoria does not dissapoint those who chose to race it.

    Read more

  • Lifetime Marquee Tri

    Lifetime Marquee Tri

    Season opener for me, first time racing. Expect it to be fast and furious, great to kick off my season on my backyard.

    Read more

  • Wildflower Triathlon

    Wildflower Triathlon

    This race has been on my bucket list for years and I will finally have the chance to make it in 2015. Hard run course is the trademark of this race so I expect it to be epic!

    Read more

  • Lifetime Tempe Tri

    Lifetime Tempe Tri

    A race where I placed 2nd in 2014 and was my comeback to racing after the stress fracture demon last year. Being my "home town" race, I could not miss this one. A non-draft legal olympic distance race is always a fun, fast sufferfest that I look forward to everytime.

    Read more

  • IM World Championship

    IM World Championship

    The Ironman World Championship is a heavy weight on my schedule. Not only by it's importance in the sport but because all other races I'm doing are with qualification in mind for this one.

    Read more