I started my coaching business in 2015 after I decided it was time to share my 10+ years of experience in the top of the rankings with other athletes that seek a different approach to training. Drop an email to if you are interested in knowing more.  


logo_simpleI currently work under the guidance of Jesse Kropelnicki, coach and founder of QT2 Systems. QT2 has one of the world’s most successful coaching programs, having qualified 30 athletes to Kona in 2013 alone. QT2 also coaches over 35 professionals, and works with athletes from world-class to beginner level. QT2’s triathlon team won the overall IRONMAN club competition in 2013 by almost twice the points of its nearest competition. All of our triathlon coaches are selected based upon their outstanding experience in triathlon and proven track record of performance. This prerequisite ensures that your coach has significant experience racing at a high level. Additionally, 16 of our 17 coaches have qualified for and competed at the Hawaii Ironman. All of the QT2 coaches are extensively trained in the protocols that have been developed and implemented within the QT2 training philosophy. These general philosophies are included within The 5 QT2 Cornerstones:
  • Training
  • Restoration/Day-to-day Nutrition
  • Race Fueling
  • Race Pacing
  • Mental Fitness
The current QT2 coaching squad has unparalleled racing experience with over 2000 triathlon finishes, including over 300 half iron events, 120 Ironman events, and countless top 3 overall finishes. They have excelled in a sport where hard work is the standard and it’s the details of your training protocol that prove who comes across the finish line first. Our belief is that anyone can go out and beat themselves up day after day; that’s the easy part. It’s the details that separate those who succeed and those who become frustrated, burnt out, injured, or overtrained. We believe that we have an unparalleled coaching protocol that can help take your race finishes beyond what you thought were possible. If one-on-one coaching is your interest, your coach will guide you throughout your season by methodically transforming the way you train and the lifestyle that you lead. Our one-on-one coaching services are for those athletes who take their racing as seriously as we do, and have significant potential. The other QT2 services are available to all athletes regardless of ability or aspirations. If you want to be part of an elite squad of athletes, being trained to their potential, you’ll find it at