Triathlon Vitoria + IM Bolton/UK double

There has been hardly anything in sport that I went on fearing the outcome. Surely, I was afraid of my first Ironman but not on a physical matter, I knew I could walk a marathon if I had to. This past week I was faced with something unknown: I would be racing two full Ironman distance races spread out by 7 days and I picked one of the hardest courses on the Ironman circuit as a second race – Ironman Bolton/UK.  I raced IM UK mostly for the challenge and I could drive to the race venue.

IRONMAN Arizona 2016

I would be lying if I said I was super pumped for the build up to IRONMAN Arizona after what happened in Kona. I wasn’t. But that is exactly when your mental strength comes into play, so every morning I woke up and repeated to myself (my wife was a pretty good chorus on this one): Don’t. Give. Up.

San Francisco Triathlon 2016

Being one of most iconic races in the World, I could not pass on the opportunity to race San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz after having the qualification to Kona sorted out. Tri California, same guys that put on races like Pacific Grove and Wildflower, brought this race back to life after a 4 year hiatus, offering the chance to 900 athletes to start the day with an epic “escape” from Alcatraz.