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IRONMAN World Championship 2016

The human body is a beautiful machine. We, as athletes, are all imbalanced. Triathlon is a very demanding sport and is quite hard to develop and strengthening every muscle of our body at the same rate. But the beauty of our body is that it creates balance within the unbalanced muscles. I messed with that imbalance, on the worst week possible, and paid for it.

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Getting to Kona, Ironman World Championship

Over the past three years (well, four, but 2014 I was injured most of the year) and pretty much since they’ve come up with the Kona Pro Ranking (KPR) and I tried to qualify, I’ve managed to get inside the Top 50 ranked athletes in the World by August and earn my slot at the World Championship. Obviously, as a professional triathlete, my reality and qualification process is a bit different from age group athletes but I believe there are a few key points that have helped me achieve the spot among the best in the World and I’m sure it may sound familiar with other athletes’ stories.

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San Francisco Triathlon 2016

Being one of most iconic races in the World, I could not pass on the opportunity to race San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz after having the qualification to Kona sorted out. Tri California, same guys that put on races like Pacific Grove and Wildflower, brought this race back to life after a 4 year hiatus, offering the chance to 900 athletes to start the day with an epic “escape” from Alcatraz.

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