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IM Texas and IM Brasil

This year started off great: winter training went really well both in Scottsdale and Clermont with the QT2 Systems pro camp. After my 18th place at the Ironman World Championship last year, I was far from secure for a Kona slot in 2016 but I had a good head start on points. So racing both North and South American pro championships, Texas and Brasil, would be a great way to kick start my points race.

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The Coast Ride


Every January, an epic cycling adventure from San Francisco to Santa Barbara takes place along highway 1. The so-called Coast Ride has been an annual tradition dating back to the 90’s and what started as a small adventure for a small group of friends became a bit more organized and the number of riders has steadily grown over the years. This’ not a race, every levels are welcomed and each day you are faced with 120+ miles of riding to a grand total of the 367 miles between the two cities.

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IMAZ and closure of 2015

Those who know me well know that I’ll be the first one to jump into a race if there’s the option to. I race not because I want to get a pay check – well, that too – but because I love the thrill of a competition, I love being surrounded by people that are going through those motions prior to an IM and, above all, I love to try and beat other fast dudes.

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I could write a post about how people around this event are amazing, how swimming in the pitch black with glow sticks is uber-fun, how the ride from Phoenix to Flagstaff is beautiful, how running from Lake Mary to Snowbowl is epic or how the sunset at Snowbowl and the views from the hike to the top of Humphreys Peak are amazing. But that's not the reason why some nutcases "try" to conquer Project "DM". They try it because it is the hardest single day triathlon they will ever finish. If they finish. 17,000ft of climbing over the 155 miles of swim/bike/run and only 50% finishing rate at the 12,633ft top, where the finish line is. I only did the swim, bike and part of the run and hike and I can guarantee you that every other IM race will feel like a kids play. ... See MoreSee Less

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Probably my favorite photo of Project "DM" last year. This weekend, participants get to do this crazy triathlon race again. They will swim 2.4miles at Lake Roosevelt, ride their bikes from Lake Roosevelt in Phoenix to Lake Mary in Flagstaff and then run 26 miles to the top of Snowbowl, with the last 4 miles being the hike up to Mount Humphreys (12,633ft). 17,000ft (~5000meters) of climbing during the race. Cheer them as they go by this Sunday for the hardest triathlon in Arizona (maybe in the US). ... See MoreSee Less

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