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Update on Life. Life in Dubai

It’s now been 7 months since I first arrived in Dubai with intentions of establishing myself in the Middle East. With the exception of a few weeks of traveling to London to see my wife, I have spent most of my time in Dubai, so it’s probably a good time for an update on things as I have had a fair amount of experience with it.

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Triathlon Vitoria + IM Bolton/UK double

There has been hardly anything in sport that I went on fearing the outcome. Surely, I was afraid of my first Ironman but not on a physical matter, I knew I could walk a marathon if I had to. This past week I was faced with something unknown: I would be racing two full Ironman distance races spread out by 7 days and I picked one of the hardest courses on the Ironman circuit as a second race – Ironman Bolton/UK.  I raced IM UK mostly for the challenge and I could drive to the race venue.

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