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From Arizona to the Middle East: a long due update!

Oh boy, where to start. I’m writing this post on May 9th after a long hiatus from the website. The first quarter of 2017 was very eventful and I feel like this is a long due update but I will be brief and try to condense all the information in a few short paragraphs. 

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IRONMAN Arizona 2016

I would be lying if I said I was super pumped for the build up to IRONMAN Arizona after what happened in Kona. I wasn’t. But that is exactly when your mental strength comes into play, so every morning I woke up and repeated to myself (my wife was a pretty good chorus on this one): Don’t. Give. Up.

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IRONMAN World Championship 2016

The human body is a beautiful machine. We, as athletes, are all imbalanced. Triathlon is a very demanding sport and is quite hard to develop and strengthening every muscle of our body at the same rate. But the beauty of our body is that it creates balance within the unbalanced muscles. I messed with that imbalance, on the worst week possible, and paid for it.

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